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Core Technology

Focus on spatial omics technology

We focus on the development and application of spatial omics technology, with in-situ gene sequencing and in-situ detection as its core technical means, focusing on the dimensions of spatial location to reveal the spatial and sequence information of life molecules (DNA, RNA, Protein, etc.)


Based on the self-developed 15-minute transient ultrafast hybridization process and optimized probe design and screening procedures, it can provide signal-specific, genome-wide DNA FISH probes and reagents. In addition, it can detect multiple genes at the same time for prenatal and tumor molecular diagnosis, with more choices in low and medium-throughput, and provide an overall solution for early tumor screening and prognostic health management.


Based on the stable nucleic acid-labeled antibody technology, the antibody information is converted into DNA sequence for amplification and detection. Compared with traditional secondary antibodies, it has a higher magnification and can realize sensitive detection of low expression abundance antigens and higher throughput protein simultaneously Detection. In addition, the simultaneous detection of three molecules of DNA-RNA-Pro can be performed to realize the in-situ spatial integration of multi-dimensional information.


Relying on new single-cell, single-molecule RNA FISH technology and original in-situ sequencing technology, based on in-situ hybridization and sequence hybridization imaging, from probe preparation to in-situ imaging, single cells with 1 to 200 genes in cell and tissue samples are realized Single-molecule precision in-situ detection realizes spatial interpretation and quantitative detection of multiple gene transcriptomes.

We can customize probes at any position in the whole genome.  If you need a DNA, or RNA or PROTEIN probe that you find no place to make, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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